Bolshoy Port Sankt-Peterburg (the Big Port of Saint-Petersburg) Seaport


The port of St.-Petersburg is located on the islands of Neva Delta, in the Neva Bay, in the eastern part of the Gulf of Finland, the Baltic Sea. Big port of St.-Petersburg includes berths of sea trading, timber, fish and river ports, oil terminal, shipbuilding, ship-repair and other factories, sea passenger station, river passenger port, and also berths of Kronshtadt, Lomonosov, Gorskaya and Bronka.

Saint-Petersburg maintenance dredging project was executed in the territory of this port in the end of 2015. The project foresaw dredging of 10 km of the access channel to S-1 gate (a new section of the channel 
of Kronshtadt Ship Fairway), outside of the flood protection barrier. 

Execution of the job in such a short timeframe and as per a short notice from the Client was among the biggest challenges. 

Other challenges posed by the project comprised the following: 
-limited execution timeframe due to port freezing; 
-presence of UXOs, boulders, utility cables at the operational water area;
-other obstacles such as manoeuvring in the area with high vessel traffic and large amount of buoys positioned;
-continuous interference of third parties due to work execution in the conditions of an operational port.

Our solution

The scope included dredging of approximately 0.5 mio m3, transportation and and dumping at the distance of about 10 km. 

Complexity of the project was enhanced by a continuous interface of third parties on and near the site. Thus close liaison and cooperation with various contractors, thorough coordination with the Client and Port Administration and operational flexibility were required not to hinder or delay the works.

For this project with interference of third parties and time restrictions due to port freezing, a Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger from the DEME fleet was deployed. To secure completion of the works within a short timeframe a plough vessel was involved. 

Project challenges were comprehensively surmounted and the dredging operations were successfully completed in the first half of November, 2015.

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